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Brand identity
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Chain of reaction

We created a new visual identity for the organization Heart 17. Our insight was that people cannot identify with today’s activism. Many activism organizations feels alarming and scary for many people, therefore our vision was to create an identity that people can identify with, and it should feel inspiring.
The story was about a character who sat at her breakfast table.
The concept is based on the symbolism between togetherness and water ripples. Heart 17s changemakers create water ripples through their voices, spreads it to the target group who in turn spreads in to their friends. 
The logotype is based on the shape of a heart as a symbol for Heart 17's name as well as a symbol for their collective act and vision to make a change and make the world a better place.
We are creating a
chain reaction.
To create a brand recognition we developed a pattern with shapes from the logotype. When it is animated it builds a chain reaction.
With the brands muted colors the website is designed to give the changemakers and their messages focus. Through the project we realized that people need to be inspired to take the step to
Hope is sparked
by action.