experimental typography
Experimental type design

Finally you will find home

What happens if you create a typeface based on a place you have an emotional connection to?

This project is a part of Experimental Typography at Berghs SoC where we had to choose a place that has been important to us. The brief was to create a typographic and personal interpretation based on the place, it should be used as an temporary site specific installation as well.
The importance of talk
about emotions.
When I walked around at the location I thought about all feelings that we all people deal with.

One billion people are living with mental illness. Despite this, we often feel alone in our emotions. Sometimes it maybe feels like you are the only person in the world that are going through something hard right now. Sometimes you maybe feel lost and don't know what direction you should take. And sometimes you need a reminder that it will get better.
Pieces type
The idea behind the typeface is about the feeling of falling into pieces. Therefore I created it by pieces of paper and developed letters from it.

Pieces type is meant to be used to highlight hard feelings, to create a react to the reader. It is developed for the temporary installation for the place which is a letter to everyone that are going through a hard time.

The whole letter will go from a building where I lived to the bus stop nearby, as a symbol for a journey